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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cris Rogers

Candidate For Assembly District 23

Cris Rogers

Candidate Background


816 E Lake Forest Ave.
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217-5376

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Candidate Biography

From candidate Website

“It is my hope to serve as your State Representative in the newly redrawn 23rd assembly district. Like many of you, I’m a lifelong resident of the area. We take great pride in our neighborhoods and our excellent public schools. We enjoy a wide assortment of small, local businesses, beautiful parks, and fine libraries. I will work to preserve our quality of life, not just for us, but for the next generation.” — Cris Rogers
Cris was raised in Bayside and attended both Nicolet and Dominican High Schools. She lives in Whitefish Bay with her husband and her two sons. Cris’s philosophy is to always look for similarities rather than differences in each other, and will embrace valuable ideas regardless of which party or person they come from. Cris has a BA in psychology, and has worked with several non- profit social service organizations. She is vehemently opposed to accepting money from PACs and special interest groups. Cris will be the ultimate public servant by giving back her salary as a State Representative to her district from day one. Cris wants to use her salary to help area schools provide support for students with mental health and substance abuse issues.