Dan Sebring

Dan Sebring
Candidate For U.S. Representative District 4

Dan Sebring

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Dan Sebring was born in Milwaukee on June 27, 1957.  His father was the church organist at Holy Name Polish National Catholic Church in Milwaukee, and his mother was Pulaski High Class of ’51 valedictorian.  Raised in New Berlin, WI, Dan attended Cleveland Heights Elementary School, Glen Park Middle School, and in 1975 graduated from New Berlin West High School.

Shortly after his eighteenth birthday, Dan joined the New Berlin Volunteer Fire Department, where he quickly became the youngest and most knowledgeable operator of the largest piece of firefighting equipment they had.

Having been employed as an assembly line worker, a janitor, turret lathe operator, school bus driver, gutter installer, truck driver, printer, painter, disc jockey, bartender, body guard, carpenter, cabinet maker and auto mechanic, Dan knows firsthand the life of not only a working man, but also the plight of the poor and unemployed.  He has experienced many of the hardships the unemployed face living day to day on the brink of financial disaster.  Early in the recession of the 1980′s Dan was employed as a carpenter, however when the prime interest rate shot up to 21.5%, he found himself not only out of work but homeless and living in his car.  This prompted him to enlist in the Navy.

Dan is no stranger to Washington, D.C.  In 1983, as a member of the U.S. Navy during the Reagan administration, Dan served on the Chief of Naval Operations Intelligence Staff at the Pentagon and later at the Navy Air Reconnaissance Control Center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  In each case, the positions were specific and focused, and not given to just anybody.

Dan first became politically active in 1994 when he became involved in opposition to the proposed hand gun ban in the City of Milwaukee.  In 2002, he was active in the successful effort to recall then Milwaukee County Executive Tom Ament, with the result of our current Governor, Scott Walker, ultimately succeeding him.

In 2008 he ran a 6 week write in campaign against the then unopposed 4th district incumbent, Gwen Moore.  During that time, he was elected member at large of the West Allis – West Milwaukee branch of the Republican Party of Milwaukee County.

Dan has been the owner and operator of a Milwaukee auto repair business since 1993.  He won the 2010 Republican primary election and faced the 4th Congressional District Democrat incumbent Gwen Moore in the 2010 general election.  Receiving 30% of the vote, Dan fared better against an incumbent Democrat in Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District than any other Republican since the 1940′s (in 2002 Tom Reynolds came within 8.9% of the incumbent Democrat running for what was then an open seat.)  Dan’s results were also better than any person who has ever run against an incumbent Gwen Moore, in any election for any office.

Dan currently serves as 2nd Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Milwaukee County’s Milwaukee – South Branch and chairs its nominations committee.

Commenting on his 2012 candidacy, Dan Sebring said: “I know that we have a battle to fight and I know we have to save America. I’m running because I’m concerned about the future of the 4th District, the State of Wisconsin, and the country. I’m running because I fundamentally disagree with the policies supported by our current representative in Congress.”