Dave Hansen

Dave Hansen
Candidate For State Senate 30

Dave Hansen

Candidate Background


118 S. Chestnut St. 
Green Bay, WI 

Phone Number: 
(920) 278-7181

Candidate Biography

Dave Hansen has been honored to represent the people of Northeast Wisconsin in the Wisconsin State Senate since 2001.  His work there is a continuation of his lifelong commitment to the community he loves.

Dave has lived his entire life in Green Bay.  As the third of Donald and Clare Hansen’s six kids, Dave grew up two blocks from Green Bay West High School, in a home that was modest in size, but overflowing with love.

Throughout his youth Dave was active in sports, playing football, basketball, track and most every other sport you could imagine.  Even at that young age, Dave was committed to community, serving as a supervisor of many  of Green Bay’s youth summer and winter park programs.

Dave is a lifelong parishioner at Annunciation BVM Parish on Green Bay’s West Side.  Dave was baptized there as an infant.  It was at Annunciation that Dave met his future wife, formerly Jane Dessart.  Dave and Jane were married there, and even gave away the hands of each of their three daughters in marriage at Annunciation.

After finishing up at Green Bay West High School, Dave attended the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in history and a teaching certificate in secondary education.  It was almost inevitable that Dave would spend much of his teaching career at Annunciation School.

Throughout the years, Dave has been a terrific mentor and coach to many young people in Northeast Wisconsin.  As a teacher for 9 years, he worked with hundreds of students in the classroom, earning the reputation as a caring and enthusiastic educator.  Outside the classroom, Dave touched even more lives as a coach of football, basketball, track and softball.  He was not only a teacher, but a mentor and friend to countless young men and women.

Dave and his wife Jane are blessed with daughters – Kathy, Cari and Christy, and 11 grandchildren. As every young working couple can relate, raising our children was struggle to make ends meet.  To help meet his expenses, Dave took a job as a truck driver for the City of Green Bay and for nearly twenty years he drove truck on the City’s East Side. Dave understands what it is like to live on a modest income and still have to support a family.  That is why Dave stepped forward to serve as a Steward for the Teamsters so that he could stand up for the working men and women of the community.

Dave is also a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan and owner.  Dave was one of the lucky folks to actually attend the Ice Bowl in person.

After touching the lives of so many people as a teacher, coach, mentor and advocate for working people, many of Dave’s friends were calling for him to put his name forward for elected office.  Dave did so for the first time in 1996, and was elected to the Brown County Board of Supervisors.  After being re-elected three times, Dave decided to run for the State Senate against a two-term incumbent.  Dave and his wife Jane have three daughters – Kathy, Cari and Christy, and 11 grandchildren. Running a true grassroots campaign in which his family and friends were the bulk of the volunteers, campaign staff, and campaign management team, Dave won a dramatic upset and assumed the role as State Senator from the 30th District.

Dave was re-elected to a second term in 2005 and a third term in 2009.  Dave has been commended for bringing a refreshing honesty and level-headed perspective to politics in Madison.