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Duey Stroebel

Duey Stroebel
Candidate For U.S. Representative District 6

Duey Stroebel

Candidate Background


P.O. Box 14
Cedarburg, WI 53012

Phone Number: 
(262) 236-6686

Candidate Biography

From candidate Website

Duey Stroebel knows firsthand how to balance a budget, meet a payroll, and live within your means. A conservative and lifelong resident of the 6th Congressional District, Duey built his business from the ground up, creating good-paying jobs and giving back to his community to make it – and Wisconsin – stronger. Duey began his private sector experience when he was in high school by saving and investing in property at a very young age. Duey was taught the Wisconsin ethics of hard work and the value of a dollar, and never to spend more than what you take in. After graduating from Cedarburg High School, he earned a Bachelor and Master’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and started a real estate management and development business. Duey believes there are too many career politicians who are willing to go along with the status quo to keep their government jobs. Our nation’s debt now surpasses $17 trillion, but instead of implementing commonsense spending cuts and reforms, career politicians are passing the buck onto future generations. Duey believes Washington needs more ‘citizen legislators’ to provide fresh ideas and private sector experience to balance the federal budget, provide tax relief, and reduce Washington’s power over the daily lives of Americans. In 2011, serving as a ‘citizen legislator’ Duey took his message of private-sector experience and limited government to Madison after successfully winning the Republican primary and general election for State Assembly. In Madison, he quickly earned praise for ending the abuse of taxpayer dollars by leading the charge to end “double-dipping” by government employees. Duey’s personal life and public service is deeply rooted in his faith and commitment to his community. Together, Duey and his wife, Laura, have eight children – ages 8 to 24 – and are active members of First Immanuel Church in Cedarburg. He is pro-life, and believes marriage is between one man and one woman. A sports fan and high school athlete, Duey volunteers his time for the First Immanuel Lutheran Church and School as a basketball coach, and has coached recreational youth football and baseball, as well. He has dedicated countless hours of time and resources to help Cedarburg-area kids to be the best they can be; he is a past President and current member of the Greater Cedarburg Foundation, a Member-Concordia University President’s Council, and a 4H Project Leader. Duey is an ardent supporter of our second amendment rights and an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, motorcycles, and – when he has free time – working on his vintage cars.