Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith
Candidate For Assembly District 93

Jeff Smith

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S7747 Norrish Road
Eau Claire, WI 54701

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(715) 579-9811
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As I’ve traveled through western Wisconsin as a regional political director for the Wisconsin Democratic Party, I see that there is a general hopelessness among Wisconsinites these days. They seem to feel that there is no use in expecting better results from their elected legislators.

It is quite clear that we need to restore confidence in democracy and the democratic process and we will only move forward if we come together. I mean everyone. And I believe I am the leader, along with all of you, who can bring this district together. We CAN bring this district together.

Yes, I’ve been in this fight before. And this year, I know we can start winning back progressive seats in the state legislature. Gerrymandered districts, or not, I think people have had enough of this state’s Republican leadership and are ready to take their state back. I know I am.

I refuse to sit back and not fight to preserve our public schools, our environment and farmland, our equality, our economy, and our state’s history promoting the greater good for everyone. Not just a select few. It is up to you, and me, to remind citizens of all walks of life and beliefs that we are all in this together. We all must come together. NOW. Together is how we will succeed.

Jeff Smith is from Eau Claire, Wisconsin and served as a Democratic member of the Wisconsin State Assembly from 2007 to 2011, representing the 93rd Assembly District. He was the Chair of the Elections and Campaign Reform Committee and a member of five other committees: Colleges and Universities, Financial Institutions, Education, Renewable Energy and Rural Affairs, and Public Safety. He worked and owned his business, Bob Smith Window Cleaning, for 38 years before selling in 2011, and in March 2013, he became the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s regional political director for Northern Wisconsin.

Jeff and his wife Sue live in the Town of Brunswick. Their daughters, Emily and Sarah, are enjoying graduate school.