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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jim Brey

Candidate For Assembly District 25

Jim Brey

Candidate Background


Brey For 25th Assembly
809 South 25th Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220

Candidate Biography

From candidate Website

For the past 20 years, I have been proud to serve the citizens of Manitowoc – 16 years on the Manitowoc County Board and 20 on the Manitowoc Common Council.  I was born and raised in Manitowoc and have been a lifelong resident of the district I serve.   I serve in local government but also work in the manufacturing heritage of the area at Stecker Machine Company, raising a family and giving back to the community.  My wife Jodi and I have two children, Eric and Elizabeth.   Our family attends St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Newton.
I’m a graduate of Lincoln High School, Manitowoc and of UW-Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science in 1990.  While at UWSP, I was active in student government and the Young Democrats (serving one term as President).  As a graduating senior, I had the honor of being a recipient of the Chancellor’s Leadership Award.   Since returning to the lakeshore to work for the same neighborhood I grew up in, I have learned much more from the people I represent.
It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as an Alderman on the Manitowoc Common Council since 1992 and as a Supervisor on the Manitowoc County Board since 1996.  I was County Board Chair for two terms and one term as Common Council President.  In addition to serving on many different committees, I have served as chair of many committees of both bodies; currently chair of the County Board Finance Committee and chair of the City Public Property and Safety Committee. I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Lakeland Care District (Family Care) and currently am the chair.
I count many projects which have added tax base and created jobs among my contributions to the 25th district.  When cooperation and communication are encouraged, both the public and private sector reap the rewards.
My political philosophy is simple:  Do the work.  In other words, get all the information, ask the questions, and make each decision based on its merits.  Stand on your own feet and be beholden only to your sense of what is right for your constituents.
The 25th District is a place of riches; scenery, recreation, cool breezes, warm friends.  It’s a place where manufacturing employees, business professionals, public workers, entrepreneurs, farms and companies live and work as neighbors.  My family and I understand that growing up and living here is a special thing.  I am genuinely dedicated to the people of the 25th district.  You are my friends, my family, and my neighbors and have been for decades.