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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Joe Knilans

Candidate For Assembly District 44

Joe Knilans

Candidate Background


1950 E. Racine St
Unit #C
Janesville, WI 53545

Candidate Biography

From candidate Website

Born and raised in Southern Wisconsin in March of 1964, Joe has an appreciation for the community and its history. As the son of a second generation local veterinarian Joe knows the importance of small businesses in a community, and has been part of it first-hand.
“Small businesses are the backbone of our community”, he said. “They bring people together. They help one another and inspire people”.
As a UAW member, Joe was employed by General Motors for more than 13 years. He loved working there and the people that he met throughout the years. It was a definite life experience. He met many people at GM, built great friendships, ones he treasures and will never forget. He worked on both sides of the aisle at General Motors. He worked both on the line as an assembler and in supervision. He was able to see both sides, the union and management and had great respect for both. While at General Motors, he obtained his Associates Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Rock County. He then continued his education and received his Bachelors degree in Political Science with a minor in Biology from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. Since the plant closure he has seen what many others in this state have been seeing for years, companies leaving this state or shutting their doors due to strict regulations or not enough incentive for them to stay. Joe will continue his efforts into making companies come back to Wisconsin and make this state strong again.
Growing up in Janesville, with a large family and two parents that were both actively involved in the community has given Joe many experiences and opportunities as well. His father Richard was a second generation veterinarian in the Rock County area and employed many local residents over the years. The practice provided a service for the community for 35+ years. His mother Marie, was a lovely woman that worked at the family veterinarian practice along with operating a clip and bath service, all while raising 10 plus children. After working with animals for more than20 years, she returned to nursing. She worked as a nurse for an additional 20 years before retiring. Growing up with such hard working and talented parents had made Joe the respectful, productive and hard-working person he is today. Having the wonderful siblings of 7 brothers, 3 sisters, 2 foster brothers and 3 adopted sisters has made him a well-rounded and grounded individual with a great appreciation for family and all that it brings. Joe and his wife Nancy know what comes from conservative values, as they are proud parents of their two young children Griffin and Grace. They reside on the west side of Janesville and love the community. They are members of Saint Williams Catholic Church, and Joe is an active member and volunteer of the Knights of Columbus and their community activities. They love Janesville and know it’s a wonderful place to raise their children.