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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Joe Reinhard

Joe Reinhard
Candidate For Assembly District 89

Joe Reinhard

Candidate Background


3034 Sandalwood Rd
Abrams, WI 54101-9613

Candidate Biography

From newiprogressive.com

Born and raised on a farm, I've lived in the Green Bay area all my life.  I wasn't always a Democrat.  I became one during the George W. Bush administration.  Before that I voted rather independently, but I've witnessed the downhill slide of the Republican party since his father got voted out.  Don't get me wrong.  I was never a Bill Clinton fan.  But I did like Al Gore.  I also admire Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Richard Nixon.
I managed Sandalwood Golf Course since it was built back in 1975, but in 2000 I began needing a little more challenge so I let someone talk me into becoming Abrams Town Chairman.  I've held that job now for over a decade.  I'd say that being someone who never loses his cool has been very advantageous in a job like this.  I am also very good at finding a compromise position.
I married my wife Monette in 1975 and we have three children.  CarrieLynn lives in Chicago with her partner Chris.  She is an assistant professor at Dominican College.  Adam lives and works in Green Bay but just finished his second degree and recently got engaged to his girlfriend Malavika, who just finished her second degree.  Bennett and his wife Amanda live in Seattle with our beautiful granddaughter, Eleanor Adeline.  He works at Microsoft and she is a financial expert.
Monette is a writer/editor who holds a master's in history and is marketing a major nonfiction, with two historical fiction novels published.
Like many I became discouraged by Scott Walker and his friends, but when the Democrats asked me to run for the 89th District Assembly seat against John Nygren I was at first skeptical.  Why me?  But as they kept after me I began to realize - why not me?