John Powers

John Powers
Candidate For State Senate 02

John Powers

Candidate Background


W16533 Wilson Creek Ln.
Wittenberg, WI 54499-8437

Candidate Biography

Born and raised in Wisconsin

Vietnam veteran

Bachelor's and Master's degrees from UW-Stevens Point

31 years teaching in Shawano county schools

10 years as Emergency Room coordinator

Author; lifetime member of VFW

Historian-North China Marines

member State Medical Mediation Panel

former Cub Master, Scout Master

​member Shawano County Leadership class of 2006

​former board member Shawano County Rural Health Initiative

​Married, three sons, four grandchildren


​I believe there is no such thing as federal money or state money.  There is only our money  -  our money collected in the form of taxes that are to be used for we the people.  All the people  -  not just a select few.

​It is not a matter of the wealthy paying more or the poor paying less.  I believe everyone should pay their fair share.  I believe those taxes should then be used with common sense for the common good.

​And I believe neither of these are happening in Wisconsin.


​I also believe the system by which we elect our public officials is broken.  Seventy to eighty percent of Americans of both parties agree that Citizens United is wrong.  Yet nothing changes.  For me it starts now.  I will not accept any donations from any source.  Elect me on my merit, not my money.