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Katrina Shankland

Katrina Shankland
Candidate For Assembly District 71

Katrina Shankland

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P.O. Box 531 , Stevens Point WI

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(715) 881-1880
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Katrina Shankland is a passionate advocate for progressive values and is deeply committed to reclaiming Wisconsin. Having just logged over 2,200 hours on the recall as a field organizer for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, she is a firm believer in community organizing and people power as a mode for change.

Originally from Wittenberg, a small town about 35 miles from Stevens Point, Katrina grew up in a humble household of teachers who quickly taught her the importance of life-long education. She graduated from Wittenberg-Birnamwood High School and attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where she earned a degree in political science.

Katrina’s commitment to politics runs deep. She has interned for Governor Jim Doyle, the Marathon County Courthouse, and the Burleigh Street Community Development Corporation. She also served for four years as a counselor at Badger Girls State and assisted a former teacher’s campaign for Assembly.

From directing an international nonprofit based out of D.C. to serving as a volunteer English teacher in rural Mexico, she has experience in the nonprofit sector, especially in program management, budgeting, and making tough decisions. Katrina will use her policy and advocacy experience to inform her priorities in the Assembly.
As a resident of Stevens Point, Katrina spent two years managing solar programs at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA), a nonprofit that promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living through education and demonstration. During her time at the MREA, she saw Governor Scott Walker attack Wisconsin’s renewable energy programs first, and was shocked to see his unprecedented attacks on working families, women, the environment, education, healthcare, and government transparency. It was a call to arms.

Weekend after weekend, she drove down to the Capitol to make her voice heard. On March 9, when the Senate Republicans violated the open meetings law and voted on the collective bargaining bill without the Senate Democrats, Katrina drove down to the Capitol and stood protesting with thousands of other Wisconsinites. She spent the evening speaking with other activists and texting her teacher friends in solidarity with them. This is the ethos of Katrina’s politics: standing up for Wisconsin families and communities at all costs.

Inspired by the grassroots effort to recall and replace Governor Walker, Katrina felt compelled to lead, and left her job at the MREA to work double-time on the recall campaign as a Field Organizer for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. In addition, she has helped organize community protests and discussions from the very beginning of the movement to take back Wisconsin.

Katrina Shankland is the grassroots candidate and the candidate of the people. She has protested, collected recall petition signatures, knocked on doors, and worked to elect leaders who will be instruments of change.
Katrina Shankland will take a stand for the families and communities in Wisconsin, demanding respect for education and the environment. She hopes to restore workers’ rights and women’s rights to the people of Wisconsin. She plans to form greater partnerships with technical colleges and vocational schools to provide skills training to job seekers, and asserts that job creation starts with an educated workforce.

Shankland is currently a State Political Leader Fellow with the Center for Progressive Leadership and a Fellow with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. She lives in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. She will be honored to represent the people of the 71st Assembly District in Madison and work as your representative in the Assembly.