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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Melissa Sorenson

Candidate For Assembly District 41

Melissa Sorenson

Candidate Background


163 W. Noyes St
Berlin, WI 54923-1553

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Candidate Biography

From candidate Website

Melissa is devoted to fighting for what’s right for our community.
Originally from a small town in rural Florida, Melissa graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and knows the importance of having a strong and well funded public education system and the importance of Agriculture to our state.
After graduation, Melissa took on the task of working as an Environmental Health Inspector for the State of Florida where she learned about the hard work and dedication that goes into serving as a state employee. She then moved to Wisconsin and the beautiful Green Lake County to work as a Code Enforcement Officer in the county’s zoning department where she has continued to proudly serve the people of 41st Assembly District for the last seven years.
Melissa strongly believes in workers’ rights and the ability for people to have a seat at the table when it comes to negotiating for safer work conditions and fair labor practices. As an active board member for both AFSCME Council 40 and WI AFL-CIO – Northeast District, Melissa has fought passionately for the rights of Wisconsinites to have a say in how they are treated on the job. Her passion for workers’ rights stems from growing up in a blue collar union family where she was taught the value of hard work and working together to improve your surroundings. She also proudly serves as the President of AFSCME Local 514C and the AFSCME PEOPLE Committee for Green Lake County.
Her core values and large heart extends to helping animals in need as well. For the last 6 years she has served as a dedicated member of the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter that helps find homes for homeless and mistreated animals in the surrounding 10 counties and currently serves as the shelter’s president.

Melissa currently lives in the City of Berlin with her loving boyfriend Brad, daughter Trinity and their recently adopted three-legged toy fox terrier puppy they have loving named Fat Bob, as well as their four cats who have yet to make up their minds about the new member of the family.
Melissa enjoys supporting local business that help grow our economy through their dedication to the their communities and job creation. She is a strong supporter of and advocate for rural public school districts seeing them as a key factor in the success of our children and essential for fueling long-term job growth in the 41st Assembly District.
When she’s not working to improve the lives of citizens of her county, working with unions to ensure people are treated fairly on the job, helping animals at the shelter or most importantly being a dedicated and loving mother, Melissa enjoys riding her Wisconsin built Harley Davidson motorcycle and admiring the beauty of the 41st Assembly District (and the rest of Wisconsin).