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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Michael Endsley

Candidate For Assembly District 26

Michael Endsley

Candidate Background


1829 N 27th Pl.
Sheboygan, WI 53081-2022

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Candidate Biography

From candidate Website

I am 50 years old and born and raised in Sheboygan Falls and now reside in Sheboygan. I am a 1980 graduate of Sheboygan Falls High School. I am a 1984 graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville with a B.S. degree in Psychology and a minor in Sales Training and Personnel. For the past 25+ years I have worked in Sales Management for such companies as Stoelting, Pemco and Thomas Products. I feel the time is appropriate for me to take the knowledge gained while growing these businesses and apply it to growing the 26th District.

I am a Republican, a fiscal, social conservative and Pro Life and family. I believe that we can no longer keep pushing our current problems onto future generations. As citizens, we all need to take action and be proactive by working with our elected officials to solve our current problems. Personal responsibility and accountability are required on both sides. I consider myself to be a fair, friendly and out-going person with the desire and drive to help the community. I am passionate about public service and I am fulfilling a life-long dream.
During this term I joined the  Committee on Transportation,  Ways and Means and became the Vice-Chair Representative for the Committee on Jobs, Economy and Small Business. My representation for District 26 is not done and I need your support to reelect me for another term.
“Talking the Talk” AND “Walking the Walk”
During the 2010 campaign, my strategy for victory was quite simple…focus on meeting with and listening to as many people in the District as possible, by simply going door-to-door.  By the end of the campaign, I had over 3,000 individual conversations with the citizens of the 26th Assembly District…right on their own front porch!
My campaign platform was comprised of four basic planks and was based on simple common sense.  My first literature piece (and all subsequent pieces) clearly spelled out my campaign platform.  That platform consisted of four main issues:
 1) balance the state budget
 2) eliminate the budget deficit without raising taxes
 3) control government spending and focus on Wisconsin taxpayers 
 4) improve Wisconsin’s  business climate to foster job creation
These were the main issues that I felt needed to be addressed and these were the issues that I discussed with the citizens throughout my door-to-door campaign.  The vast majority of the citizens of the 26th Assembly District agreed with me and voted me into office. 
All four of these issues were taken up in Madison this past legislative session and I am proud to say that I voted for and supported all of them!

  • Today we have a truly balanced budget without the use of accounting gimmicks, federal stimulus dollars or raids on other state funds
  • The $3.6 billion budget deficit is gone and we are now running a surplus (with the surplus dollars going into a Wisconsin “rainy day” fund)
  • There is increased accountability  within government agency spending
  • Reforms have been put in place to address excess taxation, regulation and litigation; to make Wisconsin job creators more competitive and to help to remove the uncertainty in the marketplace that has hindered job creation in Wisconsin.  These reforms have played a major role in helping create tens of thousands of new jobs in Wisconsin.

What do I hope to accomplish in the next legislative session?

  • to focus on Waste, Fraud and Abuse in state government, with the emphasis being on entitlement programs
  • implementing “LEAN Wisconsin”- to focus on continuous improvement of government programs and services as well as the elimination of waste and other non value-added services
  • work on additional reforms to help small businesses; including Wisconsin’s farmers

Having spent the previous 25+ years in the private sector, in sales management; my main responsibility was to be the “voice of the customer”.  Being the “voice of the customer” requires the ability to ask the right questions and have good listening skills.  I have spent my entire career working with people through open and honest communication, trying to understand their specific needs and to help them find solutions to both their challenges and their opportunities.  Building relationships is essential and becoming a valuable resource to your “customer” is key.
As your state legislator, my job responsibilities haven’t changed much.  The only change is that my “customers” are now my constituents
It is both an honor and and a privilege to serve the citizens of the 26th Assembly District.