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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Patrick K. Tjugum

Candidate For Assembly District 35

Patrick K. Tjugum

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2780 Prairie Lake Rd.
Tomahawk, WI 54487

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From candidate Website

Wisconsin’s current political climate reveals that our path to progress has been road-blocked. “Forward” has been an empty word and not a promise or practice in our stationary sessions. With both parties blaming each other for the “no-win” results, Wisconsinites are suffering all the losses.
Wisconsin current leaders support secretive agreements and confidential initiatives with no intention of providing information to the people of the state.  They show no sense of responsibility to participate in open government processes.
As an independent representative, Tjugum sees his priority as being reflective of the voter’s views.  He believes you are to listen to the concerns and opinions of your district and take action to represent those constituents.  You are not elected to serve your own personal agenda or further individual ideals.  Moreover you are not to answer to favors of special interest groups or feel forced into votes by rigid party lines.  We need to facilitate open communication in order to provide the necessary governmental transparency our citizens deserve.
For example, how can our state justify the $1.3 billion in cuts in education to balance the budget while instituting $2.3 billion in tax cuts to special interest?  These same tax cuts are not generating the promised jobs, as demand is the only creator of jobs.
More recently, the flawed mining bill serves as a testament to the lack of cooperation and communication that should be present in the legislative process.  Two days’ time and one quick vote did not foster the necessary deliberation that could lead to mining jobs paired with environmental responsibility and local control.  Working together could bring favorable results for all involved. The “end-of mining in Wisconsin” attitude demonstrates that some were working only for the mining company’s interests, while the voices of concerned citizens were ignored.
Wisconsin’s future representatives will be entrusted with the responsibility to bring our state together with a plan to work toward a common vision. Patrick Tjugum looks forward to helping our state toward this goal.
Patrick Tjugum has earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, serves as a volunteer fire fighter for the town of Nokomis, and is currently employed at Louisiana Pacific Corporation –Tomahawk Mill.