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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Paul Tittl

Candidate For Assembly District 25

Paul Tittl

Candidate Background


2229 Rheaume Rd.
Manitowoc, WI 54220-2548

Candidate Biography

From candidate Website

The decision to run for the Assembly cannot be taken lightly.  As I was thinking about running for this seat the last couple of months, I have been humbled by the many kind words of encouragement.
I asked many of my friends to pray for direction, and I am so thankful I have each of them and you in my life.
We face ever challenging times in this State and this Country.  What we will need most is someone who will stand on the principles that our founding fathers wrote into the Constitution and many a soldier has died for, which are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.
My father Fritz who is no longer with us on this earth was an honorable man who served in the Air Force during Korea.  When he found out his youngest of four kids was entering politics back in 2000, he wondered why would anyone want to do that.  I then told him that this was the way I could serve our Country, and he was happy; I believe he would be proud if he were here today.
I stand on Conservative Principles and will sign a pledge not to raise taxes; I will fight for you, the working people of Wisconsin, to help create a business climate in which we can attract more jobs to Wisconsin, not thumbing our noses at development like some have done recently to drive jobs to neighboring states.
We need to see property tax relief so local entities cannot raise your taxes 10% in a single year.
I have served on the County Board since 2006.  Prior to that I served on the City Council from 2004-2008.  I come from a small business background – I started two businesses, one in 1987, and another in 1996.  I have had to make payroll, hire people and cut back on items when times get tough.