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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rick Gudex

Candidate For State Senate 18

Rick Gudex

Candidate Background


PO Box 1381
Fond du Lac, WI 54936-1381

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Candidate Biography

From candidate Website

I am 43 years old and reside in Fond du Lac. I am married to my wife of 18 years- Kim, have a son who is a sophomore at Fond du Lac HS- Jayce, and a daughter who is in 4th grade at Chegwin Elementary School- Alexana. What a great family! I am a practicing Catholic who attended 12 years of Catholic schooling. My mother and father instilled in me deep values and integrity which I have carried with me my entire life. I grew up outside the village of Eden. My mother and father owned a construction business and we also did farming throughout my childhood. Much of my summer was generally taken up between helping at a jobsite or baling hay and picking stones. I credit my strong work ethic to this upbringing. I can’t thank my parents enough for instilling these values. It made me a better person. I started my work career in a factory in West Bend at 19. I was hired at Gehl Co. in the spring of ’88. I started as a union shop worker and in ‘89 I was promoted to a supervisor. I had an 18 year career there that allowed me to touch every facet of the operation. I learned early and fast the art of running different segments of the business. I was tasked with the hiring and discipline process which yet again expanded my people skills and offered different insights in the business climate. Gehl Co. closed its agricultural division in the spring of 2006. In the spring of 2006 I was hired as a supervisor at Brenner Tank LLC in Fond du Lac overseeing the aluminum operation. A year or so later I was given the responsibility and title of Production Manager of the Aluminum Division. I am very fortunate to work with great people. Success is never easy, but it is more attainable when surrounded by a great management group and great workers. I continue in that capacity today.
At the time I married in “93, we bought a house and resided in Mayville. Kim and I enjoyed life and started living the American dream. It was in ’96 that I was prompted to fill a vacated city council seat in Mayville. I loved the people aspect of representing the public. I encouraged citizen involvement. I was on the Plan Commission, Board of Appeals, Public Safety Board, and Library Board. Actually, I loved doing this so much that in the spring of ’98 I ran unopposed for Mayor and was Mayor of the City of Mayville for 2 years. I was 29 and in charge of a city of 4600 people. I quickly developed working relationships with area business leaders as well as the City Council. Together we developed River Knoll Industrial Park and brokered the TAG Center development. It was a proud and memorable time for me. I will always cherish my time in Mayville. We moved to Eden in 2001. I joined the Eden Village Board for a couple years. I actually learned a lot being involved at the village level. Things are run differently and thought processes in general are different than that of a larger city. This collection of board members ran a smooth operation. They made the most of few resources. You really learn what “community” is all about. With limited resources available, everyone chipped in and completed projects the average taxpayer in the city would expect a “paid worker” to do. Very rewarding experience indeed. In “05 we moved to Fond du Lac. At the time I had kind of swore of public service. My family was growing fast and I was enjoying all the projects that come along with owning a new home. That only lasted a couple years. I was appointed to the newly created Alcohol Licensing Committee. After that came the City Council spring of ’09 election. There were 3 seats available and 8 of us running, 2 were very good incumbents. I was up for the challenge and won the election along with the 2 incumbents. I quickly learned the ropes and early on became an effective member of Council. In the spring of ’10 I was appointed President of the City Council and took that job seriously. I ran for another term on Council in ‘11 and was again appointed President and will remain in this capacity until April of ’12. I have been very active in the community and have been actively listening to the concerns of business leaders and citizens at large. I love representing the people of Fond du Lac.
“Now what?”
I have had great experiences in both my work career and my political ventures. I have met a lot of people and strived to do my best. I now wish to take those same experiences to the state level. I have the experience, the desire, the knowledge, and the willingness to listen. I want to be your State Senator.