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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scott Suder

Scott Suder
Candidate For Assembly District 69

Scott Suder

Candidate Background


102 S 4th Ave
Abbotsford, WI 54405-9728

Candidate Biography

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Scott’s Background
Scott was born and raised on a family dairy farm in Clark County and lives in Abbotsford, Wisconsin.  Both of his parents were public school teachers and farmers.  He holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.  Scott has served the 69th Assembly District by working as a Legislative Aide to State Representatives “Pink” Van Gorden and Bob Zukowski.  Scott was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1998 and was recently elected by his colleagues as Majority Leader of the State Assembly.  Scott is also a veteran who served 3 tours in the Middle East during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Assembly Career
Scott was elected Majority Leader of the State Assembly in 2010 and also serves as the chairman of the Assembly Rules Committee.  In his role as Majority Leader, he serves on the Assembly Organization Committee, the Joint Legislative Council Committee, and the Joint Committee on Employment Relations.  He is the former Chairman of the Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Committee.  As a member of the Rural Economic Development Board, Suder has helped award millions of dollars in grants and low-interest loans to small businesses in rural areas of the state. Scott also had the courage to take the tough vote for legislation which enabled sweeping changes in the way government can reign in the ballooning costs of public employee contracts and benefits.  These reforms gave more power to local governments to directly control spending and taxes at the local level.
Military Service
In addition to serving the state of Wisconsin as a Representative, Scott Suder also served our great nation as a member of Wisconsin’s 115th Fighter Wing. Scott joined the Wisconsin Air National Guard in the wake of the attacks on our homeland on 9-11. He completed Air Force Basic Training in December 2003 and Technical Training in early June 2004 at the ripe old age of 35.
Staff Sergeant Suder was deployed to Central Command in the Middle East and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as part of the 176th Expeditionary Squadron.  Suder was again deployed on active duty as a member of the Wisconsin Air National Guard’s 115th Fighter Wing in his second and third tours of duty to the Middle East.
National Rifle Association (NRA) – Defender of Freedom Award
American Legion –  Legislator of the Year Award
American Academy of Pediatrics – Legislator of the Year Award
Wisconsin Builders Association – Friend of Housing Award
Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired – Outstanding Leader Award
Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Abuse – Legislative Champion Award and Partner in Social Justice Award
National Conference of State Legislators – Medal of Civic Honor Award
Dairy Business Association – Legislative Excellence Award
American Police Hall of Fame – Distinguished Service Award
National Wild Turkey Federation – Legislator of the Year Award
Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association – Legislator of the Year Award
Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault – Voices of Courage Public Policy Award
National Federation of Independent Businesses – Guardian of Small Business Award
Wisconsin Grocers Association – Friend of Wisconsin Grocers Award
Wisconsin Farm Bureau – Friend of Agriculture Award
Wisconsin Academy of Pediatrics – Legislator of the Year Award
Wisconsin Housing Alliance – Outstanding Legislative Leader Award
Representative Scott Suder has been a tireless advocate for the taxpayers of his district and across Wisconsin.  As Assembly Majority Leader, Scott Suder has worked to hold the line on government spending and decrease the tax burden on Wisconsin families.  He worked with Governor Scott Walker to hold 2 Special Legislative Sessions on jobs and helped pass over 70 job creation bills last Session.  He was also instrumental in creating and passing a balanced budget which wiped out a whopping $3.6 Billion state deficit without raising taxes.  As a result, Wisconsin now has a surplus and has deposited money in the state’s Rainy Day Fund for two years in a row.  Scott also had the courage to take the tough vote for legislation which enabled sweeping changes in the way government can reign in the ballooning costs of programs, operations, public employee contracts and benefits, and gave way to sweeping changes that gave more power to local governments including counties, municipalities and school boards, enabling these entities to directly control government spending and taxes at the local level. These reforms have saved nearly a Billion dollars for taxpayers statewide.
On top of targeting wasteful spending and holding the line on taxes, one of Representative Suder’s top priorities during his time in the legislature has been protecting children from dangerous sex predators.  As the lead author of both Jessica’s Law and Project KidSafe, Rep. Suder has helped to make Wisconsin a national leader in child protection.  Thanks to the passage of these landmark laws, Wisconsin has been referred to as “a sex predator’s worst nightmare” and have been called “the toughest sexual predator laws in the nation.”
Scott has also focused his efforts on growing jobs and helping small businesses thrive in rural areas.  As the lead author of the Rural JOBZ Act, Scott Suder helped bring focus back to the small businesses that are the backbone of our local economies.  The Rural JOBZ Act has provided millions of dollars in targeted tax credits to help businesses grow in rural Wisconsin.
As a member of the Joint Finance Committee in the 2007-2009  session, Scott was the point legislator for Assembly Republicans on Corrections, Public Safety, Veterans and Military Affairs issues.  Despite operating under a strict partisan divide, with eight Republicans and eight Democrats serving on the committee, Scott was able to craft budget plans for each of his core issue areas that made it through the entire budget process free of amendments.  Thanks to his bi-partisan leadership, these agreements made it  through the budget committee, both houses of the legislature, and were finally signed into law by the Governor.