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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tanya Lohr

Candidate For State Senate 20

Tanya Lohr

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6244 Gilbert Circle
West Bend, WI 53095

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Candidate Biography

From candidate Website

I am a lifelong Wisconsin resident. I was raised in Marathon County by my parents, Joyce and Rick Lohr who, like me, are teachers. My Mom taught elementary school and my Dad taught World History before he took over the family business managing Pine Valley Golf Course in Marathon. My brother, Eric, is also a second-generation educator who teaches History at American University.
I met my husband, Andy Kougl, at West Bend West High School in 2000, while teaching on an interdisciplinary team together. He was the Science teacher and I was the Social Studies teacher. Today we live just outside of West Bend, where we are raising our six year-old twins, EJ and Laney. Andy’s two daughters, Mallory and MacKenzie, also split time between our house and their mother’s house and are an important part of our family.
I learned about the value of public education at an early age, watching my parents’ current and former students stop them at grocery stores, restaurants, and other places in the community to thank them not only for teaching them, but for caring about them and helping to shape them as people. It didn’t take me long to realize the tremendous impact teachers have on their students and their community.
My parents also taught me about the importance of fairness, hard work, and teamwork. After my Dad left teaching to run his family’s business, my parents succeeded as small business owners because they gave customers the best value for their money, paid employees a fair wage, and were willing to do the same jobs they asked others to do, whether it was emptying the garbage or cleaning the bathrooms. Because my parents lived by these values, their employees were loyal and worked hard for the business and each other.
Teamwork has always been important to me. It’s one of the reasons why I have a passion for playing and coaching sports as diverse as football, volleyball, track, and golf. Being active in sports teaches both adults and children important lessons about putting in the best effort and working together, and about the fact that it takes brains as well as brawn to win.