Tom Larson

Tom Larson
Candidate For Assembly District 67

Tom Larson

Candidate Background


E9359 County Road N , Colfax WI

Phone Number: 
(715) 962-3030

Candidate Biography

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Born and raised in Colfax, Wisconsin, I couldn't think of a better area to raise a family. In fact, I did just that. My wife Mary and I raised three children and eight grandchildren with the Midwestern work ethic and values that define the people of the Chippewa Valley.


Times are tough right now, and I know how devastating unemployment can be to a family. When I worked at Uniroyal Tire in the early 90's, I was laid off the job. Alongside 600 devastated fathers and mothers, I came to work one morning and was told that six months later I would be out of a job.


This hurdle in my life was difficult, but the government didn't "bail me out," I had to find work for myself.


At a time like this, when jobs are hard to come by, I decided to create my own job. I started Bear Valley Electric and have been operating it for nearly 20 years, providing dozens of jobs for people all over the Chippewa Valley.


We know that we can't just create jobs, we need an environment that can provide the tools for businesses to build jobs in the Chippewa Valley. The government needs to stop spending our hard earned money and give our children a chance to inherit the same great nation we inherited and live the American dream.