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WPR: At Issue with Ben Merens

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein talks about her campaign and the key issues for her party.

Join WPR tonight night at 7 for a debate between U.S. Senate candidates Tommy Thompson and Tammy Baldwin.  That meeting is airing live from the UW-Marathon County campus in Wausau.  You can also join us for an online discussion during that debate at

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was due to campaign in Waukesha this morning, after helping Senate contender Tommy Thompson raise money in Milwaukee Sunday night.
County Waukesha resident Jim Ponejolic  was among the people happy to see Paul Ryan holding a town hall event in his city. Ponejolic took a break from working at a Republican Party phone bank over the weekend, to say that Ryan and Mitt Romney can reverse the long slide that Ponejolic says the U.S. has experienced, "We may turn into a socialist country and I can't have that happen. Too many people have died for this country."
Republican volunteer Etienne Poncezeleon of Muskego hopes to attend the Ryan event at Carroll University. She's pleased with the GOP's opposition to abortion rights, "Because my mom had me when I was 16, and the thought I could have been, you know."
But it's the Ryan and Romney and Tommy...

Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin is explaining her changing votes on economic sanctions against Iran. Baldwin's made her remarks to a Wisconsin Jewish group Sunday.
Sunday's morning's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran an analysis of Baldwin's recent support for sanctions against Iran, compared to some votes a few years ago against the sanctions. The newspaper called her switch of positions, an election year flip-flop. But Baldwin told a forum at a Milwaukee Jewish Center that her votes against the sanctions were designed to help a pro-democracy movement in Iran that was trying to overthrow the Iranian government, "It was referred to as the green revolution."
The Iranian government later crushed the attempted overthrow. Baldwin is getting support from the Jewish group J Street. Milwaukee chapter President Michael Schaalman says Baldwin now supporting sanctions isn't a flip-flop. "I think in fact, it's creative able thinking."
But Republican Senate candidate Tommy Thompson blasted Baldwin's explanation for her anti-sanctions votes, "That...

Sunday was a bustling afternoon at the Janesville Mall, where Mark Lestarge was taking a break from his studies at Blackhawk Technical College. After twenty years in the declining neon sign business, he decided to go back to school and study an industry with a brighter future - information technology.
Lestarge is just one of many in Janesville whose eyes are closely watching the presidential race, especially vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. He says his biggest concern this election year is the economy.
“It’s not a one party issue,” he lamented.
Lestarge says he will vote for whomever is more willing to work with the other side. He’s part of the minority who hasn’t decided who would make a better president. At this point, however, he sees President Barack Obama promoting more bipartisan efforts than Governor Romney.
“I see Mitt Romney saying it as, ‘We have to do the change. We have to make the change,’”...

It was a dreary Sunday morning at the Rock County Farmer’s Market outside Janesville. Some of the voters there had health insurance; some of them didn’t. All of them said they wanted to make sure their vote in this year’s presidential election would protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. 
These photos are part of Wisconsin Public Radio's Road to November series. Reporters Maureen McCollum and Lindsey Moon are traveling north along Highway 51 talking to voters about the election all this week. What issue is most important to you? Tweet @WPRNews #WIpolitics. Find updates from the road on WPRNews' Facebook page.

A day after debating Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, Vice President Joe Biden addressed an estimated 2000 people in a packed hall on the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse campus.
Biden’s energy seemed to carry over from the previous night's debate against Ryan. Biden spent much of his speech comparing the differences between him and the congressman from Janesville.
Biden talked about tax policies, ending the war in Afghanistan, and empowering the middle class. The crowd seemed to make the most noise as Biden touched on women’s issues. “Barack Obama and Joe Biden are absolutely, positively, firmly committed to ensuring that our daughters and my granddaughters have the exact same rights and opportunities to control their lives as my sons and my grandsons," he said.  "Exact same rights. Make no mistake about that!”
After the speech, retired teacher Malita Hanson of Tomah said she’s glad the vice president reiterated his stance on the War in Afghanistan.  “It’s...

Assembly Republicans say they're poised to defend the big majority Wisconsin voters handed them in the wave election of 2010. But Democrats say a big turnout and lots of vulnerable GOP incumbents will help them pick up seats this November.
Republicans hold a 59-39 seat majority in the Assembly with one Independent and last session they redrew the state's political map to their advantage.  Beyond that built-in edge, GOP Assemblyman Robin Vos told a Wispolitics forum that Governor Walker's recall win bodes well for Republicans, "He carried 65 of the 99 Assembly Districts in the recall. Now I'm not saying that is going to translate into the results that we have on November 6, but I certainly think it's a good indicator that just six months after the recall happened, I can't see the state of Wisconsin making a dramatic lurch to the left."
But Assembly Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca says the wave election of 2010 put...

Top Republicans throughout Wisconsin Thursday were rescinding their support of a state GOP lawmaker after he made controversial comments about rape. 
Rice Lake Republican Roger Rivard told a local newspaper that when he was young his father told him "some girls rape easy" as a way to warn him that a woman could agree to sex but later claim it wasn't consensual. Once his remarks were discovered he eventually issued a statement saying rape is horrible and his comments were taken out of context.
Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan pulled his endorsement of Rivard, with a spokesman callling Rivard's statements "outrageous and offensive" Gov. Scott Walker, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson also condemned the lawmaker.
At a noon luncheon Thursday, the head of the Assembly GOP campaign effort, Republican Robin Vos, said Rivard had done a poor job of explaining his position but he knew where Rivard's heart was, "I have...

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University of Wisconsin-La Cross political science professor Tim Dale raises the curtain on next Thursday’s U.S. Senate debate, hosted by Wisconsin Public Television, between Tommy Thompson and Tammy Baldwin.

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Reporter Zac Schultz provides an overview of the race to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl between Republican Tommy Thompson, the former Wisconsin governor, and Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin.

Democrat Tammy Baldwin still leads Republican Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin's U.S. Senate race according to a poll released Monday.  The news comes even as the same poll found support for President Obama declining.
The firm Public Policy Polling, or PPP, surveyed the same group of Wisconsin voters about both the U.S. Senate race and the race for the White House. It found President Obama's lead over Mitt Romney had shrunk to just two points--a drop of five points from the last time they polled. Baldwin, meanwhile, retained a three point lead. PPP's Tom Jensen said it was the third time in the last month that they'd found Baldwin leading by three or four points, "Thompson certainly has time to make up this deficit right now. But the race is definitely settled into a situation where voters aren't particularly high on him and Baldwin has this persistent, small lead."
Particularly telling, Jensen said, was the fact that those surveyed...

Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin says Republican opponent Tommy Thompson is inconsistent on his plan for changing Medicare.
At a Milwaukee forum last Friday, Thompson denied accusations that he wants to end Medicare. Instead, Thompson said people who will be under age 55 in 2020, should be given the choice of choosing a Medicare system that Thompson says is going broke,  or opting into a federal health insurance program available to members of Congress and the President. Democrat Tammy Baldwin says that's a change from Thompson's earlier views, "Perhaps like Romney during the debate, he's going to skip away from the positions he's taken."
Baldwin says in the past, Thompson has endorsed Congressman Paul Ryan's plan to create a voucher option for some future Medicare recipients. Thompson is now insisting he has a different Medicare fix than what his party's Vice Presidential candidate is proposing. Congresswoman Baldwin spoke in Milwaukee, as she accepted the endorsement of the Alliance...

State Democrats are criticizing Republican Senate candidate Tommy Thompson on his owning multiple homes, and not being able to quickly remember all of them. 
A story in a Milwaukee newspaper reports former Governor Thompson owns four homes, including a Florida mansion purchased last year.  When Thompson was quizzed about the properties last week, at first he said he has three homes, but his campaign staff later acknowledged a fourth site, a million dollar condo near the Wisconsin Dells. The paper also reported Thompson rapidly bought and sold condos in Washington D.C. over the last decade.   State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate says Thompson is out of touch with average people in Wisconsin.
"He went to Washington, made millions of dollars."
The Thompson campaign did not respond to a request for comment. The campaign did issue press releases about the national rifle association endorsing Thompson and a new Thompson ad that accuses Democratic candidate Tammy Baldwin of lying...

Republican Senate candidate Tommy Thompson is insisting he wants to improve Medicare and Medicaid, not end them. Thompson offered a new plan at a luncheon Friday in Milwaukee. 
Democrats have been airing a TV commercial that features a video of Thompson telling a conservative group, who better than me to do away with Medicaid and Medicare.
Thompson insists what he meant when he spoke months ago, and what he means now is to improve the two health care programs. He says he can use the experience gained from his 14 years as Wisconsin governor and four years being Health and Human Services Secretary under President George W. Bush.  At the Milwaukee Press Club Friday afternoon, Thompson offered a new idea for people who will be younger than 55 in the year 2020.
Thompson declined an offer to explain his plan more fully to news reporters, and an aide has not responded to an e-mail asking for more...

The campaign staff of Republican Senate candidate Tommy Thompson tried to keep the news media away from Thompson Friday afternoon, as a reporter questioned the candidate about property Thompson owns in other states.
When politicians finish speaking to the Milwaukee Press Club, they're usually available for additional questions from the media. But Friday, Thompson tried to quickly leave a press club luncheon. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Columnist Dan Bice waited for Thompson out on the sidewalk and started asking the former governor a few questions including about homes Thompson owns elsewhere, "You just bought a house in Florida last year, right (yeh) you had nine condos in Washington.”
As he got into the passenger seat of his SUV, Thompson replied that he's always voted in Wisconsin and came home almost every weekend. Bice tried to ask Thompson more questions, but Thompson aide Lisa Boothe insisted the vehicle door be shut, "We can't close the door if you don’t move,...

Just as job numbers were watched closely in Wisconsin's recall campaign, today's drop in the national unemployment rate was being talked up by President Obama. But Gov. Scott Walker says it won't hurt Mitt Romney's chances.
While Romney himself called the drop in the unemployment misleading, Walker told reporters today that it was a good sign, "Absolutely. And the hope is that that will continue."
But the governor stopped short of saying the numbers were a validation of Obama administration policies, "Well, if you look, the stimulus was passed a few years ago and if that was the case, it would have happened right after that. You had up until now 43 consecutive months of unemployment above 8 percent. For the first time we have a drop into 7.8. It is still, I think, more of a reflection of people regardless of the government trying to persevere and try to move forward."
Walker contends the new national...

President Barack Obama addressed an audience of tens of thousands packed onto the campus of the UW-Madison Thursday. The president said Mitt Romney did not tell the truth when the two men debated Wednesday night.
The president told the crowd that the Mitt Romney they all know was not the Romney they saw in the debate, "Whoever it was that was on stage last night doesn't want to be held accountable for what the real Mitt Romney's been saying for the last year. And that's because he knows full well that we don't want what he's been selling over the last year."
The president made several such references to drive home his point, working in a jab at Romney's time at the private equity firm Bain Capital, "The Mitt Romney we all know invested in companies that were called pioneers of outsourcing jobs to other countries. The guy on stage last night, he said,...