Adam Murphy

Adam Murphy

Candidate for State Senate 28

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Adam Murphy is an entrepreneur and business consultant in Franklin, and owns Big Bang, LLC, a software company he and his employees built from the ground up. As a small-business owner responsible for meeting a payroll every week, Adam knows what it takes to succeed in America.

“I truly enjoy helping businesses figure out how to make their operations smarter, faster, stronger and more efficient,” said Adam. “Now, I’d like to help improve our government by setting politics aside to do the right thing every time.”

Adam supports access to quality, affordable healthcare for every American, a fair tax system that supports small business and rewards work, a stronger democracy, and civil rights for all. And Adam thinks government needs to do more to protect the environment and adapt our economy to fight climate change, and to ensure safer communities.

“Partisan politics is ruining our system of government, pitting neighbor against neighbor in a race to the bottom, and holding America back,” said Adam. “It’s time to turn the page on the political divisions of the past and just get back to common sense in our government. I will be an independent voice for our community, not a tool of the party bosses or special interests.”

Adam and his wife Tanya live in an 137 year old four-room schoolhouse in Franklin, with their dog and cat. Adam was born and raised in South Milwaukee, graduated from Pius XI High School, and attended UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee. Adam plays poker around the country, and he’s finished “in the money” at the World Series of Poker six times.