Alciro Deacon

Alciro Deacon

Candidate for State Senate 06

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Alciro Deacon is a 33 year old Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since the Age of 22, he has been a committed husband to his wonderful wife of 11 years. He is a proud father of four beautiful children and is humbled to have been recognized as Father of the Year by the Milwaukee Black Chamber of Commerce in 2016.

A native Milwaukeean, Alciro was born in District 6, raised in an impoverished area of District 6, Attended K4-5th Grade at Siefert Elementary School (District 6), attended Central United Methodist Church (District 6) from birth until the age of 18, worked one of his first jobs at the Bradley Center (District 6), and looks to be the first black Republican, as well as one of the youngest ever to represent District 6 in Wisconsin’s 172 year history! Alciro is the 8th born of 10 siblings and is the first of those 10 born in America. He is thankful for his Mother and Father who moved from Jamaica in order to pursue the American Dream. He and all of his children are products of Milwaukee Public Schools.

Raised with traditional values and committed to putting his children first, Alciro worked 7 days a week for 10 years and would work up to four jobs at one time to provide for his family. This enabled his wife to stay at home with their children and work only if she chose to. Alciro is able to empathize with a broad range of residents within the District as he has experienced similar hardships that many of his fellow residents face.

At the age of 19, Alciro’s best friend was robbed and murdered execution style. Stray bullets have gone through his previous residence, and on two separate occurrences men bleeding from gunshot wounds have either laid out on his front yard or ran through the back yard. Alciro has experienced having his electricity and gas cut off for several months, and has experienced racism on many occasions– even to the point of being misled on a job in order to be blocked from promotion earlier in his career. During Alciro’s introduction to the Middle class squeeze, he experienced going house to house in an attempt to rake leaves to provide for his family and was laughed at with doors slammed in his face. ALCIRO KNOWS HARDSHIP, but he believes that there is always someone alive that would beg to have is worst day. Alciro credits his faith in Jesus Christ for keeping him from becoming angry and embittered.

As an optimist, Alciro believes that though he experienced much hardship, it all worked together to produce the grit and discipline needed to obtain the success that he has acquired throughout his career. Alciro entered the workforce as a Golf Caddy at age 14, and now works as a Program and Policy Analyst-Advanced for the State of Wisconsin, conjointly overseeing both a multimillion dollar budget and contracts for a plethora of nonprofit agencies with multimillion dollar budgets as well.

Alciro has served on and advised numerous community committees and councils. Early in his career he worked as a Lead Fatherhood Advocate where he trained staff and taught Fatherhood to men and women, Anger Management, Healthy Relationships, Job Placement, etc. in the community, jail, and prison system. He then worked and organized with Milwaukee Public Schools to troubleshoot student and family issues by working with the school principals, social workers, students, teachers, parents, and staff appointed by one of the Regional Superintendents at the time. After that, Alciro brought his talents to the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board. As a Reentry Coordinator, he developed one of the first Jail based American Job Centers in the Nation at the Milwaukee County House of Correction. The Workforce Board then utilized his talents further and appointed him to be a Workforce Specialist in order to bridge the divide between the supply and demand of Milwaukee County even further.

Alciro has worked extremely hard to get where he is today and has served his community in various ways for years. It is with Love, professionalism, commitment to service, and boldness when necessary that Alciro intends to Bridge any divide that separates Milwaukee-ans from obtaining greatness. Check out Alciro’s videos on to learn more about how he intends to B.R.I.D.G.E the Divide!