Deb Silvers

Deb Silvers

Candidate for Assembly District 40

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Deb Silvers of New London is the Democratic candidate for the 40th Assembly District. Although new to politics, the Wisconsin native brings a long history of volunteerism and activism to her candidacy that highlights education, the environment, and health care. A wife, mother, and grandmother, Silvers takes seriously the responsibility we all have for making our world a better place. A moderate Democrat, Silvers believes Wisconsin’s future is at stake with this election. Talking without action accomplishes nothing, which is why she knows this is her time to step up. As a substitute teacher in New London, Silvers enjoys connecting with the youth in her community. She developed and implemented a county-wide literacy program in Price County through which she built a volunteer base to ensure the program’s continued success. Throughout Covid-19, Silvers has developed a curriculum for her first grade grandson. Her candidacy is endorsed by WEAC, the Wisconsin Education Association Council. She blended her passion for education and health care when she was diagnosed with a genetic heart condition. Rather than sitting on the sidelines, Silvers became a Womenheart Champion through the Womenheart organization, advocating throughout Wisconsin for women with heart disease while lobbying for equal treatment for women in care settings. As an Advocate for the FH Foundation, Silvers promotes education and lobbying actions for research funding for those with pre-existing health conditions. As an environmentalist, Silvers supports extending Wisconsin’s natural habitats and recreational areas and respecting the land by limiting or eliminating the use of chemicals. Both of her homes are Certified Wildlife habitats as part of the National Wildlife Federation. Volunteering, she created a Schoolyard habitat at the Catalyst Academy in New London. With a lifelong home in the Northwoods, Silvers knows the importance of living within our environment without damaging it in the process. Silvers is a member of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, the Waupaca Democratic Party, the National Wildlife Federation, the Sierra Club, the New London Public Museum and Library, the FH Foundation and Women Heart Champion, and past president of the New London Women’s Club, and Friends of the New London Public Museum board. A graduate from Sun Prairie High School and Mount Scenario College in Ladysmith, Silvers and her husband, Barry Juneau, have lived in New London for 15 years. Both have political activism in their blood. Silvers is a descendent of Cadwallader Washburn, Wisconsin’s 11 th governor and founder of the mill that later became General Mills. Juneau descends from Solomon Juneau, an early Wisconsin settler who helped found Milwaukee.