Diana Lawrence

Diana Lawrence

Candidate for Assembly District 56

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I was born and raised in Appleton on July 19, 1962 and was one of seven children. I lived most of my life in Appleton with a short period of time in Madison and then several years in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Once it was time to start a family, I moved back home to Appleton and have lived here again since 1991. Alan Lawrence is my husband and my daughter is Jennifer; she is currently attending Ripon College in Ripon. As a result of an unusual life experience I have had a variety of jobs. From being a janitor to a customer service representative to independent contractor status as a real estate agent I have held a variety of positions. Much of my experience though does come from being involved in the healthcare industry. From working with insurance billing to working in the realm of employee health benefits I am well versed in how the insurance and healthcare industry works. As a realtor I also understand the issues of property ownership and how this part of the economy has suffered. My interest in politics extends back to when I was living on Madison and I would go to the Capitol building several times a week just to hang around and enjoy the beautiful building. At the time I never thought of actually being a legislator. It was not until I got more involved in the local Sierra Club after I met my current husband, Alan, that I got more involved in politics. Sierra Club’s main mission is to get people out into the environment so they will want to protect it and part of fulfilling that mission is to get politically involved. I have been the conservation chairperson for a couple of years now but before that I was the Global Warming chairperson. Writing letters to legislators and letters to the newspaper has been a mainstay in the way I have been politically involved with Sierra Club. As an outgrowth to this I have attended several Conservation Lobby Days with the League of Conservation voters and recently attended the special session on Assembly Bill/Senate Bill 34. I decided to get into this race because I believe I can make a difference in the lives of the people in this district. In my mind the primary job of a legislator is to help constituents solve problems. Lawmaking is secondary and is an outgrowth of the problem solving. As a direct result of all my years in customer service and other helping positions I think I am qualified to help people solve problems. Unlike others, I see this job as a full-time position. The need for constituents to have year round access to their assemblyperson is paramount to their active participation in this democracy. It is my firm intent to involve people in the democratic process as much as possible with regular town hall meetings over the district and as much access to me as possible. A healthy democracy has stakeholders included in decision making as much as possible.

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