Helmut Fritz

Helmut Fritz

Candidate for Assembly District 19

Candidate Information

  • Party: Republican
  • Address: 2570 N. Maryland Ave., Apt. 216, Milwaukee, WI 53211
  • Email: hfritz@wi.rr.com
  • Campaign Website: Helmut Fritz for Assembly

Candidate Biography

A child of Eastern European immigrants, I constantly dream and have committed my life to work desperately toward the day that democratic rule of law covers every inch of our globe. Maintaining and growing rule of law in Wisconsin, (our beautiful corner of the world,) is my specific campaign goal. Rule of law only works when it is part of a dependably just legal system, economic opportunities for all, social equality, limited governmental power, and unassailable freedoms for all including the points of view that I disagree with. All of my tasks as 19th district state assembly person will be in accomplishment and maintenance of the above.

Source: From candidate website