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Jodi Emerson

Candidate for Assembly District 91

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I have a passion for being a voice to the voiceless. I have been involved with public policy and have taken part in the progress that our state has made in the fight against human trafficking. I have successfully worked on several bills that strengthen our laws to protect victims of human trafficking and punish those who are willing to buy and sell people. I have seen our state accomplish much in the fight against human trafficking but during that process, I have also seen the ugliness of politics. I have watched bills go nowhere simply because the party in power didn’t author them. I have seen well intentioned bills not get a vote because leadership had other agendas. I have seen legislation done right in Madison and I have seen it done wrong. With my work fighting human trafficking, I have built connections with policymakers from around the state and now I want to use those connections to not just tackle social justice issues but to fight for the Chippewa Valley on multiple levels. I know how to work with others to get things done.

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