John Calabrese

John Rocco Calabrese

Candidate for Assembly District 29

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John was born in 1976. His father, the son of Italian immigrants, was a game warden. His mother, the daughter of Irish immigrants, is a lawyer still practicing law today at 74 years young. After working as an apprentice woodworker for 2 years, John moved on to a large cabinet shop where he became a department supervisor, advocating for dozens of employees. John now owns and operates a small, one man woodworking and carpentry shop. He lives with his wife Simone and their two boys in Menomonie, WI. He has worked alongside many tradesmen and women in Western Wisconsin over the years. Western Wisconsin is filled with hard working honest folks who hope to preserve the lands where they hunt and fish. Folks who work to help assure a vibrant future for their children and grandchildren. John was also the Legislative Director of an all volunteer anti-corruption group in Wisconsin for the past 4 years. He helped guide the tireless efforts of dozens of concerned Republicans and Democrats. These efforts led to the introduction of anti-corruption resolutions in the State Legislature in two consecutive legislative sessions. John decided to dedicate so much time to this volunteer effort out of deep concern for his democracy, his neighbors, his children, and the continued success of this evolving American experiment. Meeting and debating with many legislators in Madison helped give him the experience to speak with knowledge and dedication for the people of Western Wisconsin. Public schools are in a state of disarray due to systematic defunding. Rural infrastructure is in desperate need of an upgrade. Our ground and surface water is being defiled and depleted. Broadband and cell service needs to expand in our rural areas. The good people who work in local government, and the citizens they represent need to have the final say when projects and facilities are proposed for their towns. All these issues are directly effected by the special interest money pouring into our political system. John pledges to never take corporate PAC (political action committee) money. He will consistently call out the corruption that we all live with on a daily basis. A steadfast move away from the corrupting money is the best way for an elected official to speak only for the people of the district. He knows our democracy can be saved, and he is willing to dedicate his full attention to achieving that goal. “The size of your bank account should not dictate how much ‘free speech’ you have. Money is not speech. We should all have the same amount of free speech. Our government is for sale to the highest bidder. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can join our voices together and change this system now.” -JRC

Source: From Candidate Website