Ken Van Dyke Sr.

Ken Van Dyke Sr.

Candidate for State Senate 14

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Edited from the candidate’s Facebook for brevity: My name is Ken Van Dyke, and I have been involved with local governments for over 30 years. I started serving my community as a citizen advocate, and eventually became a member of our County Board, where I worked closely with all the Towns, Villages, Cities and fellow County Board members throughout the County. I have remained involved right up to the present. You will notice that I capitalize Towns, Villages, Cities and County – that is because of the importance I assign to them. I live in a rural Town, and my business is in a small Village, so I am quite familiar with those forms of government. I have seen a lot of changes in how the State treats the Rural Municipalities, especially those in the medium-to-small category. Some changes have been beneficial, others … not so much. You can read more about them *here*. It has been getting worse over the years, and I’ve finally decided to do something about it while I still can. My wife Pam and I are basically retired, and we should be relaxing and enjoying ourselves. We really can’t afford to spend our retirement money on a costly Senate run, and our primary opponent can outspend us many times over. On top of that, Pam and I are “at risk” for Covid 19, despite being quite healthy – I have already had to turn down one opportunity for publicity by being unable to participate in a Candidate Forum. Parades, County Fairs, rural events and celebrations, other public appearances – all out of the question. So I really have no business trying to do this. But I feel that I have to, and my Family, Friends, and other Rural Government acquaintances have offered to do everything they can to help, and I don’t want to let them down.

Source: From Candidate Facebook Page