Orlando Owens

Orlando Owens

Candidate for Assembly District 11

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First, know that Orlando is an independent voice and thinks outside of the box. His opinions and viewpoints are his alone, free from the influence of the mainstream and he is not afraid to call out hypocrisy and inconsistencies on both sides of the aisle. Orlando’s biggest passion is protecting the fairness and justice that defines a strong community.
With that in mind, keep reading about what he’s doing:
Fighting to bring our kids home from Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake.
Protecting housing needs for low-income families.
Preserving senior citizens’ access to resources.
Promoting the economy by finding workers to fill and maintain jobs with wages that sustain families.
Supporting all forms of education that proves to benefit children in the community.
Encouraging home ownership for young community members.
Restoring families separated by past criminal offense.
Bringing all politicians together to serve the people.
Ensuring our communities are safe for everyone.
Fighting for affordable health care for all people, and advocating for clear communication between health departments at all levels of government.
Protecting water quality and addressing concerns regarding lead pipes in the city.
Promoting fairness and justice for all community members.
Bringing more power to local government.

Source: From candidate website