Scott Barker

Scott Barker

Candidate for State Senate 16

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I am a 32 year old Republican candidate for Wisconsin’s 16th Senate district. I live in Sun Prairie with my two sons who both attend public school in Sun Prairie. I am employed fulltime as a firefighter with Sun Prairie Fire Rescue, prior to working there fulltime I was a volunteer firefighter in Sun Prairie for 11 years starting in 2006. My boys and I love to enjoy the great outdoors. Hunting and fishing are passions of mine, we often fish the Madison chain of lakes. I am blessed to live in a state which such rich natural resources.

I was born in Janesville Wisconsin in 1987 and lived there until I started school which is when we moved to Dane County. I am the youngest of three kids that my mom raised on her own. Much of my childhood we lived in poverty in less than pleasant neighborhoods. My mom always found a way to make our home a happy one, we did whatever it took to live as comfortable as possible. I have not only seen first hand how hard times can be for Wisconsin families, I have lived it. Following high school I immediately began working fulltime and elected to not attend college fulltime because I knew I could not afford to live on my own and pay for college. That was a hard decision for me to make but I knew I was making a responsible decision. Now I am a hardworking middle class citizen that is proud of where I came from because it has made into the person I am today. I am here to fight for every family in Wisconsin.

Much of my work experience besides being a first responder was in the road construction, heavy equipment dealer, and agriculture industries. Throughout that experience I learned many different things about infrastructure, truck and equipment repair, machine operation, farming practices, and overall hard work. I am no stranger to working hard to get things done and my role as your next Senator will be no different. I will work tirelessly to meet the needs of Wisconsin residents. I have attended Madison College for fire service and leadership courses throughout my 14 year fire service career.

I am a moderate Republican, am not looking to make sweeping changes by any means. I believe in incremental changes to improve Wisconsin. I am focused reducing the burden on tax payers and believe our government should prioritize needs and spend tax payer money efficiently and effectively. There needs to be balance and we cannot continue to fund certain objectives while allowing others to deteriorate. I will also bring a teamwork approach to the Capitol in effort to reduce the party line voting that I see as detrimental to our residents. I will stand of for what is best for the people I am serving, plain and simple. The people elect me and I will be their servant for the entire time I serve in the Capitol.

Everyone I serve has a voice. I will never dismiss a persons opinion just because it does not match that of my own. I will be active in my district so that I can listen to what residents, business owners, and local leaders have to say. I know that the best way to figure out what an industry needs is to go directly to the source. I will work with industry leaders to help them thrive here in Wisconsin.

My goal is to bring balance to the State Capitol and ensure that Wisconsin is the best state to live in, work in, raise a family in, own a business in, and farm in. With that I will also work to keep our natural resources in great shape for our hard working Wisconsin residents to enjoy at their leisure. Together we can do this and I appreciate all the support I have been given.