Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald

Candidate for U.S. Representative District 5

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Scott Fitzgerald has been at the heart of every major conservative victory in Wisconsin in recent years.

In 2011, Fitzgerald led the fight to pass Wisconsin’s historic Act 10 union reform law, providing a steady hand even as tens of thousands of protesters and the national media descended on the State Capitol and 14 Democratic Senators fled to Illinois. The resulting law saved Wisconsin taxpayers more than $5 billion, and more than 130,000 public-sector union workers voluntarily dropped their forced membership.

As Senate Majority Leader and head of the Senate campaign operation, Fitzgerald successfully fought off seven recall elections—including his own 13th District—and re-took the Senate majority in 2012.

Fitzgerald led and passed dozens of Conservative reforms through the Senate, including:

Right to Work
$13 Billion in Tax Relief
Property Tax Freeze
Partial-Birth Abortion Ban
John Doe Reform
Defunding Planned Parenthood
Tuition Freeze at UW
In 2016, Fitzgerald was one of the earliest and most loyal endorsers of President Trump, sticking with Trump even as others abandoned him. With Trump at the top of the ticket, Fitzgerald helped build the Wisconsin Senate majority to 20 members, the largest Republican majority since 1972.

Fitzgerald graduated from Hustisford High School in 1981 and earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 1985. He purchased and ran the Dodge County Independent News in Juneau, WI, in 1990 and sold it in 1996 to the Watertown Daily Times where he remained as an associate publisher for a number of years.

Fitzgerald joined the US Army Reserve in 1981 and served his country for 27 years, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Fitzgerald and his wife, Lisa, own a small horse farm in rural Clyman. They have three sons: Scott, Brennan, and Connor.

Source: From candidate website