Tyler Ruprecht

Tyler E. Ruprecht

Candidate for Assembly District 35

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Candidate Biography

(Edited from the candidate’s website for brevity). I was born and raised in Merrill, WI. Throughout my years in the area I’ve been able to travel all across District 35 and I’ve grown to deeply care for and appreciate the area. My family has lived in the district for generations with ancestors hailing from Merrill, Antigo, and Tomahawk. They worked a variety of jobs that contributed back to the community, such as teaching, farming, and a variety of jobs in healthcare. Many of them were also small business owners with a distinct love for tavernkeeping. Our mission in this campaign is a simple one: if we are to build a better future, then we must bring real solutions to our real problems. We must address the issues affecting the lives of everyone living in District 35. From healthcare and education to our farms and the environment we cannot afford to not act. If we fail to act now, we will suffer irrecoverable losses.Our schools will continue to shut down and we will leave our youth and future generations struggling in the wake. We will continue to lose countless friends and family members to treatable medical issues and will be unprepared for medical crises that arise in the future. Our family farms and small businesses will continue to wilt and fade until they no longer exist. Our voices will continue to be drowned out by representatives that forge their own electoral maps and take dark money from special interests. We will fall behind in all facets of life and leave a desolate future to our children and their’s…but we can, and must change this now. We need to elect strong leadership across the board. Leaders who know our struggles and give more than promises. I know the struggles we go through and I know how we can address them now. I know what actions we can take to make our district flourish rather than flounder. When elected I will work to pass real solutions for our real problems, and I will provide us the strong leadership we need. If we come together, we can win this seat, we can bring in a new horizon, and we can start to build new day.

Source: https://www.tylerruprecht.com/about