Victoria Fueger

Victoria Fueger

Candidate for Assembly District 79

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I was born in Madison, Wisconsin. I was one of 13 children in a blended family. My parents were both previously married, so I have a number of both full and half brothers and sisters. I learned early the need too share and work together for the benefit of the entire family. I was educated in Madison Schools I became a Registered Nurse and currently work at UW Hospital. WHAT ARE MY BEST QUALITIES: Helping others, being creative and innovative, service to those in need, listening, problem solving, learning from mistakes and growing from them, being open and transparent, being unselfish, fighting for facts and truth, and relationship building without discrimination, or bias. WHY AM I RUNNING FOR THE STATE LEGISLATURE: I believe that my fellow citizens deserve greater representation than currently exists. I want everyone to experience open government. I want to challenge traditional politics, which has become overwhelmingly partisan. Unity cannot exist while divisiveness and division grows. Government must be accountable to everyone. I support a strong infrastructure, while remaining fiscally responsibility. As a law maker, I will fight for needed law changes in concert with my constituents. The door to my office will always be open to all of those I represent. I will respond to every request and inquiry. I will regularly communicate all of my efforts with my constituents.

Source: From candidate website