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Featured Race: State Superintendent of Public Instruction

The Superintendent of Public Instruction, sometimes referred to as the State Superintendent of Schools, is a constitutional office within the executive branch of the Wisconsin state government, and acts as the executive head of the Department of Public Instruction. The superintendent is elected by the people of Wisconsin in a nonpartisan statewide ballot during the Spring primary of the same odd-numbered years that voters select members of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. The superintendent serves a term of office of four years.

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Deb Kerr

Deborah Kerr


Jill Underly

Jill Underly


Questions from Wisconsin Voters

How Do I Vote Absentee?

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Election Resources for Educators

Women in line to cast ballots

Belle Case La Follette: Ballots and Bloomers

PBS Wisconsin Education

At a time when women were expected to stay at home, Belle Case La Follette went out and made her voice heard in national politics.

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