Abigail Lowery

Abigail Lowery

Candidate for Assembly District 37

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My extensive background in public service will be invaluable in representing the varied interests and tackling the wide range of issues in the 37th Assembly District. I am a former special education teacher, autism line therapist, respite care provider, group home coordinator, and special education assistant. I exited the teaching profession to stay at home, full time, with my two young children and during that time became involved in community organizing with the DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots (DWAG) coalition and volunteering as a meal delivery driver. Currently, I proudly serve as a DeForest Village Trustee. I was elected in 2017 and re-elected in 2019. I have also served as the chair of the DeForest Housing Authority Board of Commissioners (until 2019), as a DeForest Library Board member, and as a DaneCom board member. My family and I have lived in the 37th District for over a decade, and I have lived in Wisconsin my whole life. I am a UW-Madison graduate who is fortunate to call DeForest home with my husband, two kids, and a dog that we lovingly adopted from the Columbia County Humane Society. The people of the 37th Assembly District deserve better representation – someone who believes “the will of the people is the law of the land” and that elected representatives create laws only with “the consent of the governed”. I will listen to my constituents and fight for what they need.

Source: https://www.loweryforwi.com/meet-abigail