Elizabeth Lochner-Abel

Elizabeth Lochner-Abel

Candidate for Assembly District 31

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When she was 13 years old, my great grandmother emigrated from Ireland to provide for her family that she left behind. She survived in Chicago on her own as a housemaid until she met and married my great grandfather, also an Irish immigrant. When he died of Spanish influenza, she was left with two young sons to raise and so she left Chicago to provide a more suitable life for her sons in rural Southwest Wisconsin. There, her eldest son met my grandmother, whose parents had emigrated from Germany to farm the rich land found in the midwest. Their stories always filled me with awe at how hard they worked to provide for their families both here and back home. Their values run strong in my family. I am a proud 4th generation Wisconsite, born and raised in Prairie du Chien. I firmly believe in the strength of Wisconsin values: work hard, treasure your education, act with integrity, and take responsibility for yourself and your actions. These are the values my parents instilled in me and my 11 brothers and sisters.

Source: From candidate website