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Paul Tittl

Candidate for Assembly District 25

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Experience-CITY-Manitowoc City Council 2004-2008, Served on Personnel Committee, Co-Chaired Streets & Sanitation Committee, Chaired Public Property & Safety Committee, President of Manitowoc City Council 2006-2007, Served on Crime Prevention Committee, Community Development Authority, Economic Development Authority, Authored Resolution in April 2006 to form a advisory committee of Elected Officials, Non-profits, and business leaders which led to the defeat of the Storm Water Utility more commonly know as the RAIN TAX; COUNTY-County Board of Supervisors, 2006-Present, Served on Public Safety Committee, Chairman of Board of Health 2008-2010, Chairman of County Board of Supervisors 2010-2012
Public Works Committee, Vice Chairman of Human Services Board; STATEWIDE-Wisconsin Counties Association, Taxation & Finance, Responsible for issues affecting property taxes, sales and use taxes, other sources of revenue, shared revenues, investment laws, county budgeting, and the office of the treasurer. Judicial & Public Safety-Responsible for issues affecting the court system, jails, the prosecutorial system, probate, and the offices of the sheriff, district attorney, and clerk of circuit court. Wisconsin Counties Utilities Tax Association-Members of various Counties Advocating to make sure Counties receive their fair share of Utilities Tax payments paid by Investor owned Utilities to the State of Wisconsin and then a portion is returned to Manitowoc County

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