Phil Anderson

Phil Anderson

Candidate for Assembly District 47

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My name is Phil Anderson, and I am running for State Assembly in the 47th District where I have lived for the past 12 years. I’m running because I’m tired of the Government infringing on the rights of hard-working people. I have the experience, independence and dedication needed to make a difference in all of our lives and our children’s lives. I plan to do that by getting our state Government back under control and reduce partisan barriers to a functioning legislature. I am a Veteran and an entrepreneur, working as a transportation professional and a real estate broker. I am active in our community through my church, Little League, and other charitable groups. I love our district and will actively represent our common interests in the Assembly. I have run for office before as a Libertarian as I believed the two-party system has created more problems in Government than it has solved. There has been too much partisanship, too much blindly following the status quo and not enough leadership, courage and independence. My opponent is basically a rubber stamp for anything the Democratic Party wants to do. That approach to representation is simply not good enough. The citizens of our district deserve better. I respect the Constitution and believe the Government should safeguard our rights, not infringe on them. I ask for your support and your vote this fall for Wisconsin State Assembly in the 47th District.