Richard Pulcher

Richard Pulcher

Candidate for Assembly District 87

Candidate Information

  • Party: Democratic
  • Address: W13276 South Street, Lublin, WI 54447
  • Email: [email protected]

Candidate Biography

My name is Richard Pulcher, a 20 year resident of Lublin, Wisconsin. I was raised on a small farm in Southwestern Minnesota near a town, of about 350 people, called Storden. I graduated from Storden High School, and Augustana College in Sioux Falls South Dakota. I received a graduate research assistantship in Economics to South Dakota State University in Brookings, South Dakota. My undergraduate focus was Economics, History, and Quantitative Analysis. My graduate major was economics and my minor was mathematics. I farmed for 10 years, worked at an ethanol plant, drove truck for a furniture store, managed a plant that made animal health products from bovine colostrum, worked at a wood products manufacturing factory, and I presently work in maintenance at a nursing home. I’ve been a worker, a manager, a union member, and a union steward. I have also been a trustee on our village board and am presently Operator In Charge of the Lublin Wastewater Treatment Plant. I am a member of the Lublin Area Volunteer Fire Department. I was a First Responder and an EMT Basic for about 7 years. Many people ask me why, with all my education, do I work blue collar jobs? The short answer is because I like it. The longer answer involves a real discomfort with the community of big money, which I would have been qualified to join. You may recall that the employees who tried to blow the whistle on the big banks were fired. I identified with them. I am at home in a working class community, serving that community. My experience in government has been in local government where what I do affects people I know, and until recently that has been enough. When the Constitution was written it was an experiment. Now it has been shown to be a very successful experiment. Our system of checks and balances and elected leaders has worked very well. If changes are needed, an orderly process is provided. I believe in small changes to the system. But things are happening now that require a strong government to be set right again. We once had a strong government, but now some of our basic sovereignty has been bargained away . We need to be wary of our own ability to find out what is happening. Most of what we have available to us in the news is edited to not offend their sponsors. The internet helps, but much of that can be misleading. However, I believe my resources to be reliable. My core issue of revisiting our trade agreements is important to every working man, every american manufacturer, every consumer, and to everyone who sells to working people. If it doesn’t work for all of us, it doesn’t work for any of us. I believe in anyone’s right to lobby, and in their right to contribute to political campaigns. But we must hold our elected officials accountable to us. That is why I formed this website. To imform you as a voter about the issues.

Source: From candidate website