Samba Baldeh

Samba Baldeh

Candidate for Assembly District 48

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I recall my childhood in the west African nation of The Gambia where most of my days were spent tending livestock in the bush and helping my nomadic parents. Later, I attend a “western” school which required a six mile hike each way. I learned to read, speak English, and most importantly, that there was an exciting and unknown world that I should explore. As a college student, I was active in the movement against the nation’s dictator and I soon knew that I had to leave my home and emigrate to the US for a viable future. Now, twenty years later, through the help of many people, I am, by most measures, a “success.” I am an IT Project Manager at American Family Insurance. My wife, Fatou and I own a new house on the northside. I am in my third term as a member of the Madison Common Council. I have attained what many believe to be the American Dream. In my second term, I was honored to be elected as the Council President. As the Council President, I had the opportunity to work across the city, especially in the north and east areas of the city that comprise the 48th District. I’m running for State Assembly to represent the 48th District. I will bring together a diverse group of individuals and communities and encourage all to share their perspectives. I will listen to these conversations and reflect what I’ve learned in my work as their representative. As a servant-leader I am confident together we can succeed and together we can bring about the change we all aspire to.