Tawny Gustina

Tawny Gustina

Candidate for Assembly District 45

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Tawny Gustina offers a new kind of a political approach, as opposed to the partisan rhetoric that tears Wisconsin apart. As a mother, Tawny knows just how important a quality education is for Wisconsin’s youth. That is why she will make sure our schools have the funding and support they need. Children should have access to quality schools no matter their zip code, or their family’s income. An investment in our workforce now is key to the growth of our economy in the future. As a Human Resources professional, Tawny knows that investments in job training and apprenticeship programs are vital. When she gets to Madison, she will focus on helping businesses get back on their feet and help workers get the specialized skills they need for today’s economy. Just like you and your family live within your means, Tawny believes our state government should as well. She will fight to ensure that our government spends your tax dollars as efficiently as possible, budgets responsibly, and is able to weather a rainy day.

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