Will Leverson

Will Leverson

Candidate for Assembly District 66

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I love this city. Its where I grew up, chose to raise my two kids, and started a business… It breaks my heart to see the apathy and disappointment that people have towards our town. There seems to be no hope. Families don’t feel safe in their homes, high property taxes and poor school options are driving people away, and small businesses can barely survive.
We deserve better.
Our current State Representative is a career politician. She has no real-world experience, just a few years as a bureaucrat in Madison until the political parties chose to have her run because of her last name.
Our government shouldn’t be filled with people because of who their parents were or how much money they have. It should be made of real people who know what it’s like to own a small business, work long hours, and feel the strain of paying rent and health insurance. As a single dad, I know the challenges that families face in our community. As a small business owner, I understand the struggle of starting a business and making it grow.
Over the next few months, I look forward to sharing our stories, discussing the issues, and finding solutions. Send me a message and let’s talk! Together, we can end the hopelessness and Believe in Racine!

Source: From candidate website